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Home teams ready for CEV Satellite tournament in Laholm

Three teams in the Main Draw and another one in the qualification tournament. That is the current score when it comes to Swedish teams taking part in the CEV Satellite Laholm that will start tomorrow, Thursday.

This is the first time ever a CEV Beach Volleyball tournament for women takes place in Sweden and during the official press conference, one of the top teams in the Scandinavian country, i.e. Tadva Yoken/Sigrid Simonsson expressed their delight to take part in the upcoming event.

“This is what you are longing for as a player. To be able to compete in your home country in such a high-standard competition. I just returned from a one star FIVB tournament in Monaco and I hope that I will be able to meet the expectations at home as well. Sweden is a small country when it comes to Beach Volleyball, and everyone knows each other. At this time you don’t know who the opponents are and how good they are,” said Tadva Yoken while addressing the media.

Sweden’s home stars Sofia Ögren, Tora Hansson, Kristina Thurin, Tadva Yoken, Jenny and Therese Stråhlman

Two pairs of twins are also ready for the battle in Laholm: twin sisters Kristina and Susanna Thurin and Jenny and Therese Stråhlman. “The advantage you have when you play with your twin sister is that you know exactly how she thinks and functions in different situations. I think it is also an advantage that you can express your feelings more directly when it comes to disappointments,” said Jenny Stråhlman.

Tomorrow will coincide with the comeback to the international arena for Tora Hansson who will compete for the first time since giving birth to her son Elton, who was born last year. “This is what I have been looking forward to for a very long time. When Elton came in to my life, I decided not to quit the sport but to give it another try; and now I feel mentally stronger than ever and my body is in the same shape as before I gave birth to my child,” said Tora Hansson.

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Pictured above:
Jenny and Therese Strålman, Sofia Ögren and Tora Hansson, Kristina Thurin and Tadva Yoken at the press conference held before the start of the competition in Laholm

Photo: Falkenbergsbild.se

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