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HB: Up and down

The attitude of our RIG Herr B team was good but unfortunately not enough to win the game against Bromma.

RIG Herr B – Bromma 1-3 (25-27, 25-11, 20-25, 20-25)

We startet concentrated and with good mood into the game against Bromma. Trying hard but missing the final agressiveness guided us to a very close loss 25-27 in the first set.

By noticing that we can win today by just playing a bit more focused and with more pressure we gained a big point difference between us and our opponent. So we ended the second set very clear 25-11.

But many mistakes (12-15) during set three and four made it impossible to win any of both sets and in the end the game. More aggressiveness and selfconfidence are the keys to deliver a better performance. Although we had that up and down the attitude of the team was good all time!

Our best scorers have been Alfred Valtersson (19p.), Gustav Wessberg (13p.) and Jesper Ullberg (11p.).

Poäng RIG:

Andreas Härneman: 4
Algot Danielsson
Martin Löthberg
André Gillerfors: 7
Leon Vincent: 3
Jesper Ullberg: 11
Alfred Valtersson: 19
Gustav Wessberg: 13
Samuel Alvinge: 2
Hannes Olofsson

Coach: Guillermo Gallardo, Victor Alexandersson

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