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DB: Fem set mot Jönköping

A nail bitter of a match took place Saturday afternoon in Jönköping with a 3-2 win for RIG B, edging them closer to Div 1 champs!

Jönköping vs RIG 2-3: (21-25, 22-25, 25-22, 25-23, 11-15)

This past Saturdays match saw help from players who had mostly played in the Elite team through the season. Vilma Andersson as setter, Sofia Stiernström as opposite and outside hitter and Cornelia Rosenqvist as middle blocker. Being that the year ones had the weekend to go home and play in the U18 qualification, many who usually played for the B team were absent.

The first set for us was pretty controlled and well regulated. We only had 8 own mistakes, like miss serves or attacking the ball out of bounds. There were a few dips in serve receive but we were able to keep a steady incline of points for the win. 

The second set was a little more unstable. We made 13 own mistakes  and were less efficient in execution of attack. Again, our reception wasn’t always the best but we made up for it in serve pressure. 

The third and fourth sets were a blur of own mistakes and injury. We ended both sets with 9 and 15 own mistakes. A lot of those mistakes were in a row, leading to a loss of energy and momentum on court. Still, we saw great blocking and middle attack from both Julia Svensson and Cornelia Rosenqvist. However, it was not enough in these two sets to take the win. Another factor was the ankle injury Maria Gottlander sustained in the last few points of set 4. She held up a pretty well rounded match until that point when she was forced from the game. Unfortunately, like it usually does, the injury had a slight affect on the players and distracted us from the win with out much time to regain our momentum. But, these things happen and so we wish you a speedy recover Maria! 

The 5th and final set started even and the fight for the win was clear on both sides of the net. With Sofia Stiernström subbed in for Maria and no subs left, it was up to the team to get tough, dig deep and finish the match. They did not disappoint! After the side change, there was no stopping us. With tremendous help in the block from Matilda Fransson, extreme consistency in setting from Vilma Andersson (Who won MVP of the match) and aggressive attacks from the middle, we were able to clench the win which puts us in the top spot in the standings! 

One more match to go versus the recently accepted rookie Elite team, Orion VK, whom we went 5 sets with last time and won. Its time to get serious this week in trainings, Nu Kör Vi for the win! 

Julia Svensson (MB): 18p
Cornelia Rosenqvist (MB): 14p
Maria Gottlander (OH): 13p
Matilda Fransson (Oppo): 8p
Vilma Andersson (Setter): 8p
Sofia Stiernström (Oppo/OH): 6p
Malin Larsson (Oppo): 3p
Josefine Hult Belfrage (OH): 2p
Evelin Malmbom (Libero): 1p
Ida Tholén (MB)
Linnea Bengtsson (Libero)

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