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DC: Solid 3 points!

Tonights match up against Lindesberg B was hard fought by both sides, however, RIG C prevailed to gain 3 points.

Tonight, the girls C team played a solid match against Lindesberg B. Both teams fought through out the match but RIG stayed in control through out. 

All three sets streamed together with the normal ups and downs. There were moments in receive which RIG struggled. Lindeberg B had a lot of good players who could deliver a fast, deep serve, which at times, was offsetting.

RIG was able to deliver in attack and keep Lindesbergs middles off the net with effective serves. Lindesberg B has a good ground level and potential to grow through out the season with the players they have. Their setter had a good tempo and was able to conect a lot with her hitters.  

Overall, the match was well fought on both sides. RIG stayed focused and in control through out, waivering a little with dips in receive. The team worked well together and came out on top! 

Final scores: 25-14, 25-20, 25-19

I addition we saw a lot from Ida Larsson, recording 19 points, most coming from her solid attack. She played outside hitter almost the entire match but made an appearance in the middle. 

She was not alone, however. It was a team effort which made the win possible. They could not have done it without the consistency in sets from setter Ella Sandberg or serve receive from Maja Stenman. Lisa Pettersson was also among the top scorers of the match with 11 points in total. In the middle Klara Juneholm showed us a bit of the new/old Klara, which we have been missing since her back injury, with a killer attack on an A ball that went down, hard. 

We are excited to get back to work this week and prepare for more matches to come! Heja RIG! 

Top Scorers: 

Ida Larsson 19p 

Lisa Pettersson 11p

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