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DA: Clear level difference

Engelholm visade mästarklass när våra ungdomar avfärdades i raka set.

RIG vs Engelholm  0-3 (13-25, 11-25, 12-25)

From the beginning on you could see the clear difference in the level of both teams. We almost couldn´t play a normal game – except in the first set. Here we had a couple of good rallys.

Unfortunately we were not able to find our rhythm in the game!

Nevertheless in spite of how clear the sets have been, our girls tried hard all the time.


Vilma Andersson                          
Agnes Elm
Linda Andersson
Erika Lindqvist
Hanna Hellvig
Cornelia Rosenqvist
Nora Andersson
Sofia Stiernström
Catarina Cooper
Karin Waser

Coach: Guillermo Gallardo

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