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DB: Ojämn femsetsförlust mot Lund

Lund Div 1 and RIG B had an uneven battle in 5 sets Saturday. Lund prevailed after an even 5th set decider.

Lund vs RIG 3-2 (26-28, 25-16, 25-16, 18-25, 15-11)

Set one seemed to be a warm up set for both teams. Neither team was playing really well but neither was playing badly. Felt a bit like both were getting to know one another before waging a full fledged attack on one another. With points going back and forth through out, it was no surprise when the end of the set drew near and there was an exchange of the upper hand after every rally. Finally with some pressure for them to do something great in order to win, RIG B took the set away!

The second and third sets were disappointing and frustrating for all on the RIG B side. After mentioning to take care of a Lunds VK players angle attack numerous times, the team was still unable to execute the task. We faultered in serve receive and were unable to find moment all could get on board with. With fear of making mistakes and loss of the fight to win, RIG B was never in control during these sets and ended up with surprisingly low scores.

The fourth set saw major improvements and a team I recognized finally. Things were starting to click and momentum was returning to our side. Finally, after some strong coaxing, we started to block the angle on the Lund player whose best attack was the angle. Adding spectacle to the match as we blocked her down, hard, a hand full of times. If we had played like this from the start, we would have won 3-0. Control was back on our side to take us into the fifth and final set.

The set started out neck and neck. We gained a two point lead towards the end, however, the lead did not last and all of the sudden we were staring at a 13-11 them score board. Lunds consistency and drive to beat us led them to the final winning point.

Our drive was missing and there was little agressivity to win and more uncertainty and fear of making mistakes. Its a decision that needs to be made once you step in the gym. We beat ourselves this time. Lunds VK just helped nudge us over the edge with consistency and excitement.

Notable performances from Lina Nilsson (setter), Karin Eldh (outside hitter) and Julia Svensson (middle blocker)

Sandra Abrahamsson (MB): 8p
Karin Eldh (OH): 15p
Fanny Skogsfors (MB): 5p
Julia Svensson (MB): 11p
Lina Nilsson (Setter): 1p
Nike Fjätström (Oppo): 10p
Wilma Calmfors (OH): 5p
Ella Sandberg (Setter): 1p
Mathilda Fransson (OH): 2p
Karin Waser (Libero)

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