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HC: Good game

RIG Herr C team played focused in every moment of the game and could win the derby against FVK United in 3 sets.

RIG Herr C – FVK United 3-0 (25-18, 26-24, 25-19)

The first game of four consecutive home games on last Saturday played the Herr C team. Fully concentrated and focused they started at 11 o´clock in the morning into the match. A clear 25-18 win was the result of the first set.

In set two our opponent also found better in its game. We had to fight more for each point. But a very good block-defense play and a stable side-out have been guarantors for a very close win 26-24.

Again a bigger point difference we gained in set 3 which we finally won 25-19.

We played a game with only a few own mistakes and concentrated in important situation. Only serve worked not like we wished. Our best scorers have been Algot Danielsson (13p), Leon Vincent (12p) and Ture Westerberg (10p).

Poäng RIG:

Eric Löwendahl: 1
Martin Löthberg: 1
Algot Danielsson: 13
Kevin Granevärn: 4
Leon Vincent: 12
Hannes Olofsson
Jonathan Hulten: 3
Ture Westerberg: 10
Gustav Hjelm Söderberg: 1
Theo Biström: 2
André Gillerfors: 3

Coach: Guillermo Gallardo, Victor Alexandersson

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