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DA: säsongens sista

This match was, again, special for it was the last Elite match of the season against Örebro Volley and the last match for of the year 3s.

Örebro-RIG 0-3 (12-25, 16-25, 13-25)

The energy in Frejahallen was exciting with new faces in the audience. Friends and family members of the Elite players came to watch this final match. Unfortunately, RIG Elite did not qualify for the playoffs, so this was the end for the Elite season. Their performance was less than what was to be expected, however, like in most matches, there were plenty of moments of genius and excitement.

The memory of the first meeting with Örebro was still fresh in the minds of the players who were there. It was exciting and eye opening to what these players are capable of. However, consistency can be sporatic at such a young age and against a level as Örebro produced that night, it was tough. Our serve pressure was on and off creating moments in which we had all the control and moments where we were stuck in a rotation for too long. Örebro looked to be better as well. They played a faster game and gained a new player, Sara Malmlöv, formerly an opposite from Lindesberg Volley. She did not play much against us but I believe she will relieve pressure from other attackers on court during the play offs.

RIG Elite did not play badly, they had many moments of a higher level. Things just weren’t working well in a consistent manner for them to get ahead, Örebro played a better game, putting the pressure on the players to perform perfectly. The receive wasn’t working as well as it has and Örebro’s faster game strategy frazzled us on many occasions making it hard for us to block.

MVP of the match was Linda Andersson with a very good attack game at 50% efficiency. The other 3rd years who appeared in the match were Kajsa Österman, Cornelia Rosenqvist and Nora Andersson. We thank them for their 3 years here at RIG and wish them the best in their future careers as volleyball players! Congrats and good luck!

Vilma Andersson (Setter): 2p
Sandra Abrahamsson (MB)
Agnes Elm (OH/Oppo): 1p
Linda Andersson (MB): 4p
Hanna Hellvig (OH): 7p
Kajsa Österman (Libero)
Catarina Cooper (Libero)
Karin Eldh (OH/Oppo)
Cornelia Rosenqvist (MB): 3p
Nora Andersson (OH): 7p
Sofia Stienström (Oppo/OH): 3p

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