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DC: Seger i raka set mot Kungälv

A chance to get ahead in the ladder this match and second to last match of the season. Two out of three close sets sealed the win in three sets.

Kungälv vs RIG 0-3 (25-27, 23-25, 16-25)

The first set of the match showed low energy and it seemed the motivation to win was late to the game. After a few time outs with us behind in points, the mindset to win began to change. They started to play with more energy and consistency in receive. The end of the set was tight and exciting, however we prevailed.

The serve pressure in the second set was one of the reasons we were in control for the majority of the set. Uncertainty and timid attitudes led to a few dips. Our discipline in the block helped us with a couple solid blocks. The final set was in our complete control with a small dip in the middle. In the end, we had more fire power and were more solid in receive.

Mentionable players were Malin Larsson attacking from the right side. She had a few crushing attacks which had no chance of coming back. MVP Josefine Hult Belfrage made aggressive points in attack and her defense was on point. The 3-0 win was definitely a huge plus for the team. One more match to go to end the season hopefully high up on the ladder. Good luck!

Ella Sandberg (Setter): 3p
Malin Larsson (Oppo): 12p
Evelin Malmbom (OH): 6p
Ida Johansson (MB)
Ida Tholen (MB): 7p
Julia Svensson (MB): 5p
Ida Viking (OH)
Lisa Pettersson (OH): 3p
Josefine Hult Belfrage (OH): 10p
Linnea Bengtsson (Libero)  

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