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DB: Serieseger!

The B team players were both excited and anxious for the match up against Orion Vk this Saturday. The decision for 1st place was on the line and we were just one point ahead of second place. We needed this match to solidify our place at the top!

RIG vs Orion 3-0 (25-20, 25-13, 25-6)

The match against Orion VK went fairly quick. The B team started strong and never let up until the last point was made to end the match! There were a few dips here and there, however, the team was very steady and solid in all skills. The energy from the parents and students in the gym helped the team carry their attitudes and will to win through each set. They took their time and played ball for ball. Their chemistry on court was unmatched. No matter who came in off the bench, their play was seamless. The team stayed discipline in the block and put a lot of pressure in their serving. Orion VK struggled to receive and execute the ball in many situations. We saw very few mistakes and a lot of points from the outside attackers. This match was a very good match to end on, all coaches here at RIG are very proud of the win.

Most of the team played a very good game today but of them there were a few who shined brightest. Matilda Fransson probably had the best match of her season. She has developed a lot in the last few months and it showed today. She has had trouble in being consistent at the service line, but today she looked confident always when she went back to serve. At one point she went on a 14 point run!

Wilma Calmfors was a force in serve receive, one of her best matches in the back court this season. She took control of her attack and showed she can even harder than she did in the beginning of the season.

Lastly but certainly not least, Nike Fjätsrtöm was an absolute beast in attack, block and serving. She has become a player you can trust to put the ball away. She has become a steady player and doesn’t look to be slowing down.

Thank you to the parents and students who came to watch this final match, it was a fun time to play when there are many people in the stands. That is it for Div 1 this season, now it is time for post season work outs and trainings. A break for Easter then back to work again in preparation for next season! Congrats to the players who participated in the match today and other B team players who have contributed to getting the team to the top spot in the league!

Nike Fjätström (Oppo): 19p
Matilda Fransson (OH): 12p
Wilma Calmfors (OH): 12p
Ida Tholen (MB): 4p
Julia Svensson (MB): 3p
Fanny Skogfors (MB): 3p
Ella Sandberg (Setter): 3p
Vilma Andersson (Setter): 2p
Sandra Abrahamsson (MB): 2p
Sofia Andersson (Setter)
Hanna Hellvig (OH)
Evelin Malmbom (Libero)
Catarina Cooper (Libero)
Hanna Eriksson  

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