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DC: perfect first challenge of the season

RIG Dam C played their first game against SVK B. With getting the nervousness under control also our game got better.

RIG C v SVK B 3-0 (25-23, 25-18, 25-16)

The match against SVK B was a perfect first challenge of the season. SVK was strong in the beginning, however, lost some confidence and momentum towards the end. One of the main reasons SVK had so much momentum and power was due to the help of our many attack errors. The energy on court was a bit to high and the excited/nervousness was a bit out of control. Once those feelings calmed and were kept under control, RIG C began to gain a lot more ground and things became a lot easier for them.

RIG C put the pressure on in the service line and in attack. Our top scorer Ida Larsson recorded 9 kills. The block was not lacking either. Hedda Broberg recorded 5 kill blocks and many block touches which caused trouble for SVK or were easy for us to pick up in the defense. Our receive was consistent as well and ultimately the team worked very well together. With this win, we can see what we need to focus on and continue to fine tune at trainings.

Top Scorers:

Ida Larsson: 10

Ullrika Blomgren: 8

Maja Stenman: 7  

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