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RIG Falköping i Knallecupen part II

Elevernas första säsongsturneringen är Knallecupen i Borås. Här kan du läsa en liten rapport från flickornas matcher


RIG B played well together and for some players, were able to move around in different positions through out the day. The team clenched two out of three match wins, putting them in a good spot to possibly medel Sunday.

(Match scores and standings for all teams can be found here: http://volley.ikymer.se/Knallecupen/Knallecupen2017 Länk till annan webbplats.)

RIG C had a tough day. Unfortunately there were no wins Saturday, however some tight 3 set matches. The team, mostly made up of year 1s, a few year 2s and 2 year 3s, had trouble connecting with one another and getting into the groov of tournament play. Yet, there were still many good plays in which showed great potential for the long run.


Both RIG B and C came out on top during Sunday’s two match show down. RIG B didn’t stop with 1 win but powered through the second , in an exciting 3 set match, to gain a bronze medel finish. Third year stand in Coach Betty Ohlin for the B team had this to say ”Det var första gången för mig att vara coach, men jag tyckte det gick väldigt bra. Jag tyckte laget spelade mycket bättre på Söndagen än dagen innan, då spelet var mycket mer stabilt och energin i laget var starkt. Hela laget gjorde en fantastisk insats som gjorde att vi vann båda matcherna den dagen.”

RIG C played much better together and didn’t allow either team they met to break them down. There was a small dip in the second set of the last match, otherwise, they were solid. They ended up placing 6th in the tournament.

Players who stood out through out the weekend were:

RIG B: Matilda Fransson in attack and serve, Lisa Pettersson in attack serve and defense, Hedda Broberg in the middle, Karin Waser in defense and Filippa Brink in defense and receive.

RIG C: Ulrika Blomgren in attack, Tyra Areskoug in setting, Maja Stenman in attack, Maja Hedden in middle attack, Merta Sjögren in defense and Evelin Malmbom in receive and defense.


RIG A played 5 games in total during the weekend. Two games they won and three they lost. All players were chosen to play. At the end of the turnament everyone played more or less the same amount of sets.

Their performance was aggressive and good. Sometimes too much unnecessary mistakes what will be worked on with time during practice.

All in all it has been a great turnament for the team. Competing the first time this season and to see were they are standing will help to develop them the next weeks and month! But for sure they are on the right way.

Players who stood out during the turnament have been Vilma Andersson (setter) and both liberos Catarina Cooper and Fanny Åhman. Vilma played on a good and stable level the whole turnament. Catarina and Fanny worked very hard on the court.


Coaches Whitney and Guillermo  

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