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DA: Successful start into the new season

The first game of the new season RIG Dam A played and won against Lund. It was a good opponent for us to start the Elitserie in 2017. 3-2 (25-23, 25-17, 20-25, 16-25, 15-6).

Dam A started well into the game leading with four or more points until the end of the first set. There Lund played more concentrated but finally we could successfully finish the set with 25-23.

In set two there have been a lot changes like setter and middleblocker. We played very solid. It has been the best set in that game what ended 25-17.

After a really good start we lost confidence and started to make more mistakes. Also Lunds game changed to be stronger so we had to give set three away with 20-25.

The fourth set was Lunds set. They suddenly found into their game especially in transition. 16-25 fourth set ended in which we have been out of rhythm.

After leading 2:0 suddenly the game turned into an equal 2:2 and we had to deal with set number five. Dam A again came back into their game, played concentrated and really showed that they want to win that game. 15-6 is the clear result of the last set of the game.

Summing the game there have been a lot of ups and downs and a number of changes in the different positions. Every player came to play and could show his abilities.
Best players have been Agnes Elm (18), Erika Lindqvist (11) and Karin Eldh (10).

Vilma Andersson 5
Sofia Andersson 3
Agnes Elm 18
Wilma Calmfors 2
Nike Larsson Fjätström 2
Erika Lindqvist 11
Karin Eldh 10
Sofia Stiernström 5
Hedda Broberg 5
Klara Juneholm 8
Isabelle Reffel 1
Fanny Åhman (L)

Coach Guillermo Gallardo

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