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DB: Loss against Värnamo

The combination of us still beeing too timid and Värnamo using the experience and strengh of their ex Elite player made this game a hard one for RIG Dam B. Värnamo v RIG B 3-0 (25-19, 25-23, 25-19

It was a slow beginning, possibly due to the travel time, plus sitting and waiting at the gym since we were early to arrive. These things can take a toll on athletes minds and bodies. However, RIG battled through out the match, although it was inconsistent and it seemed the feeling on court was forced at times.

Our outside attackers could have been more explosive at the pins. While Värnamo took advantage of tipping from the outside and used their experienced ex Elite middle to put pressure on us in attack and block. Our receive was decent enough to gain points in attack, however we were timid and held back in tough situations. This being said a couple players shined through. Matilda Fransson showed smarts in throwing a few tips in her attack, gaining a few points. Lisa Pettersson also showed determination in attack and back court play. Our liberos Evelin Malmbom and Karin Waser had a great receiving game as well.

The attitude of the way we play is one of our big issues when it comes to game time. We must come together and fight through out the match with out giving up. The timidness and uncertainty can hurt us more than mistakes in the game. Something to continue working on.

Top scorer’s:

Lisa Pettersson: 8

Ewelina Grandberg: 6

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