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DB: RIG B mot Ljungby

It was an early travel day for RIG B to the once Elite series team, Ljungby. They were not a very polished team, but they were scrappy and worked hard for their points. Their Libero is probably one of the best in Div 1 as she was consistent in serve

Our first set was a mix of little mistakes which, was our ultimate demise. I decided we were to open the line in the block, which worked well for a while. However, the defense was not standing in the correct spots in the cross court which led to some angle attacks and tips off the block to go down. The outside blocker also had trouble staying discipline and lining up with the attackers in order to take true cross court. We had a few missed serves in crucial times and attacks against 1 blocker that went into the net or out. It seemed we could not work our way out of the first set to gain any momentum. (15-25)

The second set saw a little more fire power and aggression with a few fresh new bodies off the bench into the game. Again, there were still too many unforced errors unfortunately. Our receive was not as good as it has been in the past which made it tough on our setter, Ella Sandberg. However, it was good to see her daring to set the middles more, even when she was off the net. The middles were consistent in the match in attack and had some kill blocks. They were the top point scorers with 13 points combined between the 3 of them, Sandra Abrahamsson, Hedda Broberg and Klara Juneholm. 


The last set started out great! We were up 4-1 and it looked like we were starting to flow a lot better with one another. Yet again, we began making small errors and serve mistakes, like, serving to  their libero. Our ball control was not as stable as I would like it to be during matches. In trainings it can be very good but translating it over to the games, has proven to be difficult sometimes. We have been going over combination sets occasionally at trainings this week, so you could imagine our delight when Ella Sandberg set up a double quick in the middle, giving the ball to Matilda Fransson on a C and killing the ball with force. It seemed we were right with them through out the 3rd set and I honestly thought we had control and were going to win. It all comes back to the small errors and minimizing those to get an upper hand on teams for the win. Staying aggressively smart and patient is important during these matches where the other team keeps putting the ball over the net as well. 

Back to work this week, with more ball control, serve receive and work in the block will be on the list.

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