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DA: Hylte/Halmstad still one number to big

A clear 3-0 loss RIG Dam A had to accept on Saturday in their game against Hylte/Halmstad. 0-3 (19-25, 17-25, 18-25)

We started good in the game with high concentration and a lot of positive emotion. Because of the obvious difference in the level of the opponent team we lost that spirit. But we still fought until the end of the set.

In set number two we even started better than into the first one. But after a couple of hard attacks and successful blocks of Hylte/Halmstad the difference in the points got high again. Against a good team like that it is hard to turn around a set and win.

Every player was chosen to play at least one set against one of the top teams in the Elite Serie. So it was for example Isabelle Reffels and Hedda Brobergs turn in set number three. Both - for beeing new at RIG since that year – did a very good job.

All in all it was a good game for the Dam A team although if the result is clear by just looking at the points. We had a very good game in defense. Our attack is still missing power and also the serve quality is not good at all. We need to start working on that.

Dam A:

Vilma Andersson: 1

Sofia Andersson: 4

Fanny Åhman (L)

Catarina Cooper (L)

Wilma Calmfors: 2

Hanna Hellvig: 8

Agnes Elm: 3

Isabelle Reffel: 2

Karin Eldh: 1

Fanny Skogsfors: 5

Hedda Broberg

Erika Lindqvist: 7


Coach: Guillermo Gallardo

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