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DC: Win against Rissne

WIN against top team Rissen after a tough defeat Saturday. Final Scores: 25-21, 25-14, 23-25, 26-24

Rissen arrived with 6 experienced players. One of which, Anna Harlin, was an ex Elite and national team setter. From the beginning, I warned RIG C, Rissen would come with experience and a bit better knowledge of the court, which they did. Even with only 6 players, Rissen gave us a run for it. Their tall outside/right side attacker hit hard and steep, forcing our defense to step it up and come in for her Heavy hits. The third set was a bit relaxed after we won the second fairly easily. Rissen had changed up their line up as well, putting the tall outside to the right side to stop us in attack I Believe. The fourth and final set was Close and Rissen was a lot more energized, like they had gotten a second wind. RIG C did not hold back and knew they had take the set and not wait for the other side to make errors. With few own errors and some great defense we secured the last set.

What ultimately held RIG C together was our serving and smarts in attack. Tyra Areskoug worked the middles and back row attack in well, while our outside hitters were relentless. Ida Larsson especially on the right side was not holding back, recording 17 Points, 16 of them in attack. Not far behind was Ewelina Grandberg with 16 total points, 10 in attack. We saw 19 service aces as a team and all recorded attack Points who saw the front line.


-I thought subs who came off the bench in each set did a lot to help the team get out of a rut or continue to advance. I still believe we need to work on our block defense, however tonight there were a lot more productive aggressive touches in the block from the middles, we are getting closer.- Coach Whitney 

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