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DB:The stability and flow in the team was inspiring to see

An eye opening 5 set win for RIG B over KFUM Jönköping! Scores: (19-25, 18-25, 25-22, 25-22, 8-15)

The first two sets, RIG B was very stable in all skills, however was bit slow to get started. Our serve receive was consistent and we didn't drop more than two receives in a row. Our attack was working well and we were putting pressure in the serve, keeping KFUM Jönköping's big middle blocker off the net in attack.

The third set, RIG B's serve pressure dropped and our block defense was not as sharp. This enabled KFUM to handle the receive better and to put the ball to their big middle and outside hitters easier.

The 4th set was a lot of the same with some hesitation in defense. Our own errors and failed execution in attack, led to the losses in these two sets. The 5th and final set was more like how RIG B can play. Our idea was to keep the ball away from their best receiver, which we did very well. This made it difficult for KFUM to set the middles which helped our blockers keep it tight at the net.

We saw great ups in defense by all, especially Josefin Hult Belfrage. She also was very stable in serve receive. Fanny Skogsfors had a great game racking up 19 points total in blocking, serves and attack. Ella Sandberg was awarded player of the match recording 25 assists.

- The stability and flow in the team was inspiring to see. Players stepped up and took responsibility for their actions on court. With a dip in our receive, we let the 3rd and 4th set slip. They turned it around in the 5th and didn't stop until the last ball fell. Felt good to win a 5 set match. Back to work this week!- Coach Whitney

Top Point Scorers:

Fanny Skogfors: 19

Isabelle Reffel: 16

Josefin Hult Belfrage: 24 digs

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