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DA: Game against Svedala

The first of two games that weekend RIG Dam A played against Svedala. Two first good sets showed the potential of this team. 1-3 (26-24, 22-25, 20-25, 16-25)

RIG Dam A had a great start in their first match this weekend. Highly concentrated and very effective in their game they showed Svedala that this might not be an easy game for them! At the end of the set the opponent came closer but RIG Dam A could win 26-24.

Also the second set started well for the Elite Team from RIG. Another time they could get a certain point difference between them and Svedala. But finally and especially in tight situation Svedala took the better decision and by beeing more experienced this time they could win the set.

In contrast to the two first sets, the third set Svedala was leading from the beginning to the end. Now they showed more and more their strength and got RIG Dam A under pressure. At the same time we took a step back and also our aggressiveness got less.

Set four finally was very clear. RIG Dam A could not step up with Svedala and had to give the game away with 1-3.

Once again all players came to play. Since the high amount of changes and the different team constellation each set it was also hard for the team to keep their rhythm. They took the challenge well and everyone tried hard. And this finally is more important than the result!


Vilma Andersson 2
Sofia Andersson
Agnes Elm 12
Wilma Calmfors 15
Erika Lindqvist
Hanna Hellvig 15
Karin Eldh 2
Fanny Skogsfors 3
Hedda Broberg 1
Klara Juneholm 2
Isabelle Reffel 3
Fanny Åhman L
Catarina Cooper L

Coach Guillermo Gallardo

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