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DA: Second win of season against Sollentuna

Already yesterdays game of RIG Dam A showed their potential. Today than it was time for them to collect three - highly earned - points! 3-0 (25-19, 27-25, 25-14)

After four sets Rig Dam A played yesterday, the team showed up fit and well prepared also this Sunday. They started their game against Sollentuna concentrated, collected more and more points and could keep the point difference from the beginning till the end of the set. 25-19 was the result.

Highly motivated the start in the second set was good as well. But somehow the fighting spirit and energy got lost and it was necessary to put some pressure on RIG´s Elite Team from the outside. Reacting in the right way the team could win also this set, even by being down 23-21.

Leading 2-0 against Sollentuna got the team in a little flow - the girls wanted also to win the third set. They fought for every point, got Sollentuna more and more under pressure. The very small amount of own mistakes pared with an aggressive game let RIG Dam A lead early in the set. They not let Sollentuna come back in the game and won the third set with 25-14.

With high concentration, very little mistakes and the wish to win that game RIG Dam A took right decisions in tight situation and even could turn the second set around! It was great to see the team working together and reward themselves with a win.


Vilma Andersson 2
Sofia Andersson
Agnes Elm 12
Wilma Calmfors 3
Erika Lindqvist 6
Hanna Hellvig 10
Karin Eldh
Fanny Skogsfors 4
Hedda Broberg
Klara Juneholm
Isabelle Reffel
Fanny Åhman L
Catarina Cooper L

Coach Guillermo Gallardo

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