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DB: Förlust mot EVS

EVS B is known for having ex Elit players on their team. This match was nothing different. With experience and some big blocks, they were able to take us in 4 sets. EVS B-RIG B: 25-27, 25-20, 25-20, 25-18

With most mid season matches, everyone is excited to get the holiday underway and minds tend to wonder away from the game. This seemed to be the case Sunday with RIG B. Our focus and energy was a Little scattered at times. Yet, there were still plenty of great moments during the match. We were able to stop their smart, hard hitting outside attacker, Matilda Ekholm, by putting up a stable block and creating effective defense. On other attackers we had good block touches, but their outsides kept getting the better of us. RIG B's serve, mostly full of pressure and where we excell a lot during matches, was not as good this match. We still managed to record 4 aces. 

Betty Ohlin again, kept a consistency in attack, recording 11 kills and was our most effective hitter this match. Lisa Pettersson, usually an outside hitter, played Libero and did not disappoint in receive or defense. Setter Ella Sandberg kept the offense and transition moving with good choices in sets and being scrappy on defense.

Until next year, we continue to work hard on the Court and in the gym. New year, new motivation, new matches to play and the same excitement for the game! God Jul och glad Nytt År till alla from us at RIG. 

Coach: Whitney Turner

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