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DA: Clear 0-3 against strong Engelholm

Game against best Elite Team Engelholm RIG Dam A – Engelholm 0-3 (19-25, 18-25, 15-25)

Until the middle of the first set both teams played quite equal. From then on it was experience and the better solutions Engelholm took especially in tight situation what made them win this set. Their power in attack makes the difference as well.

We started the second set with rotation in some positions. Our reception did not work like we wanted. Although Engelholm served quite well it was also us doing too many mistakes. Nevertheless the team worked hard in defense and tried to go for every ball.

Set number three was very hard for us. We were trying hard but could not really find our game. Engelholm played all through the set on a high and constant level.

The players understand how important it is to play as a team in volleyball. They got used to the rotations and changes during the games. No matter how the team constellation looks like and what players are on the court, RIG Dam A goes on playing and fighting together every ball. This development is great to see!



Vilma Andersson 1
Sofia Andersson 3
Matilda Fransson
Wilma Calmfors 2
Erika Lindqvist 5
Hanna Hellvig 12
Karin Eldh 1
Fanny Skogsfors 4
Hedda Broberg 2
Isabelle Reffel 2
Fanny Åhman L
Catarina Cooper L

Coach Guillermo Gallardo

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