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DB: 4 set win

After a shaky first set, RIG B was able to clench a 4 set win! Final Scores: (19-25, 25-15, 25-22, 25-18)

The first set was peppered with own errors and missed opportunities. Värnamo had complete control through out the set with pressure in their serve and keeping the ball on our side.In short, we were our own worst enemy.

The second set, we changed the line up a little bit to gain stronger blocking in the middle and a bit more fire power on the outsides. RIG B turned up the heat with their serve, putting pressure on the weak areas of the court. Own errors were at a low as well. RIG B stayed in control through out the set taking advantage of the shorter outside blockers and continuously keeping the ball in play.

The third set was a bit of the same as the first, however, RIG B cut down on own errors and put pressure on the serve. A few times we dropped the ball on small things like tips and roll shots to the middle of the court, which set us back. This did not completely diminish our game and we got better in the block which enabled us to see these shots better and to pick them up early.

The fourth set was a back and forth tug of war, however RIG B maintained a one to two point lead through  most of the set, tying up the game a couple  times. RIG B was able to take some big blocks and good attacks on the outside to secure the win.

Sandra Abrahamsson worked well as a right side attacker, recording 11 total points. Ewelina Granberg, again, showed power as an outside with 15 total points. Filippa Brink came in and did work in receive and defense, maintaining a calm in the front and back court, which she tends to be the most efficient at in stressed situations.


Top Scoreres:

Ewelina Granberg 15

Sandra Abrahamsson 11                                                                           

Maja Heden 8

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