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DB: win against Falkenberg B

With tough pressure at the service line, RIG B takes a 3-1 revenge win against Falkenberg B. Final scores: (24-26, 25-16, 25-12, 25-21)

Set 1 of the match was neck and neck in points and play. With a quick 3 point break away from Falkenberg at the end of the set, it seemed we would lose with low momentum into set 2. However, Sandra Abrahamsson kept her cool and went back to serve us into a tie game. Unfortunately, we ended the set with an unforced error, but gained momentum to take us into the second. 

The 2nd and 3rd sets, we controlled most of the time. The plan was to serve tough in between players to keep their middles out of the game as much as possible. This worked very well, enabling us to be more prepared in the block on the outsides. 

The 4th and final set was a lot more even in points and play, yet again. However, FVBK was not done, yet. They fought a tough fight the entire set. We were down by three points at one point, but turned it around with serve and defense. The match ended with an error for FVBK, giving us the win! Last time we met, we lost in 5 tough sets. FVBK are a good receiving team overall and it took us a bit of time to find the weaker areas to target in serve. Once we found the weak spots, it was easier for us to control the game. 

We saw good pushes to the middle's and smart choices, from setter Ella Sandberg. Strong attacks came from outside hitter Ewelina Granberg and right side attacker Lisa Pettersson. Middle blocker Ida Johansson, out from play for a while due to injury, saw action in today's match and did not disappoint, with 6 total points, having three in block. 

For this double header weekend, tomorrow RIG B will again, face Värnamo on our home court. Last time, they beat us 3-0, so its time for some revenge! 


Top Scorers: 

Ewelina Granberg 14

Lisa Pettersson 10 

Betty Ohlin and Sandra Abrahamsson 9

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