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DA: win over LVC

Big swings and pressure on the serve helped RIG A to a win over LVC Dam!

Whenever there is an Elite match, there is always some anxiety no matter who we are up against. RIG A went into the match knowing they had to put pressure on the serve and keep the setter off the net. Everyone did well with putting pressure on LVC’s libero and attacking others who were not doing well in receive. Block defense helped launch the point leads and some big swings from the outsides kept us in the lead most of the sets. The third set saw a dip in receive which hurt us and put us behind. However, both setters, Sofia Andersson and Vilma Andersson,  helped RIG A win the 4th set in a big way playing opposite one another.

Hanna Hellvig leveled up tonight in back row attack with some killers to position 1. Our middles, Fanny Skogsfors, Hedda Broberg and Erika Ljungqvist all showed progression with putting speed and height on their blocks and power in their attacks. Overall, the match went well and the entire team coming from the bench and on the court contributed to the win.



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