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RIG DA-Örebro

A loss with 0-3 but a developmental lesson to be learned. Game 28.02.2018

We knew coming into this match, it was going to be a challenge to win. Örebro is in the top of the ladder and has many talents in the starting 6 and on the bench. The thought going into the match was to develop mostly and to make them earn the win. 

All three sets went the way we thought, they were tough and fast paced. However, that being said, we kept up. We gave them a little hell and kept testing them. There was no giving up for the RIG girls. We worked on being able to change things in an instant, instead of letting point after point go. We trained ourselves to get a handle on the ball and make it into something to be feared by the opponents. 

After the match, we talked about how, against teams like Örebro, it has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with development. For example, one of the players had been working on her platform and athletic stance in receive in trainings and in matches for a while. This match, she took a serve with the exact platform placement and athletic stance we have been drilling and it came out to be a perfect pass. I didn't even care that we lost the point, I instead congratulated her on the development of a skill she needs for her position on the court. This is what matters, development of the players. Winning is fun and exciting of course, but when a RIG player does something great with technique they have been struggling with, the loss of a match is not as important anymore.

Up next for the Elite team is to go to a school similar to RIG in Berlin, Germany for one last training camp. Lycka till i slutspel allihopa!

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