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DC: Starting the Season with defeat but with good moments.

The RIG Falköping dam C start the season with defeat against IKSU.

Finally the balls start to flight in Falköping, was not the best beginning for our Team but they left some good actions on the court and all their energy.

The 1st Set was something we can expect for the 1st Official Match, with some parent watching from the grandstand. The Team started too nervous, with out energy, no one wanted take responsability on the court, everybody was afraid to make mistakes, and this thoughts achieve this same result, mistakes. For that we can said we gave a big present to our adversary, one set, with more mistakes from us than points that they made.

Luckily the team reacted. The rest of the sets the team started to play as a Team, fighting every single point until the end, for sure with some good and other not than good moments, but always fighting and playing as a Team.

Something which we can see in the final results of each sets with close results, not enough for take some points to the General Table but showing that this players want show what they can do in a few time.

RIG Falköping C 1 (16/25 22/25 25/15 23/25) 3 IKSU

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