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The potential for the C team is high, however, SVK B was too strong for them to handle at this moment in the league.

A long trip for the C team to Sollentuna resulting in a 0-3 loss, however there were many good and impressive things which happened. Their serving was consistently tough with few errors. The receive was up and down, however, the C teams attack was, beside their serving, the strongest. 

The second set was the closest to a win the C team saw. With aggressivity and high energy, they were able to rattle Sollentuna B and almost take the to 4 sets. They came together and delivered an even match in most skills on court. 

The C team tended to watch instead of be involved in the game which hurt them in the end. Not being ready for attack or if the ball was put over the net quickly. This was difficult for the team to get a hold of, however, the potential for much better play later on, is there. 

Only way from here is up and the development will come. On to the next hopeful win for the C team! 

Final score: 19-25, 24-26, 21-25

Top Scorers: 

Cecilia Malm: 11

Poa Andersson: 8 

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