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RIG B girls well deserved 3 points!

Three points in Värnamo. RIG was strong at the service line to keep Värnamo at bay.

The girls B team rose to the challenge of what would seem to be a pretty solid opponent, Värnamo. The first set started off with out a hitch. Maja Stenman led RIG on a three point run at the service line in the beginning, making it difficult for the opponents to return the ball. Runs like this one continued through out the set, accompanied by focused serve receive and strong attacks from Ida Larsson. RIG was unstoppable, ending the set quickly with 25-8.

The second set was a little more of a challenge for RIG in serve receive and attack. Still, momentum was gained towards the end and launched RIG into the third set with energy and motivation. Final score of set two, 18-25.

Set three was of much better quality from both teams. Värnamo kept RIG on their toes with deep serves and attacks through the block. After being up 22-17, RIG faught and lost two points and then gave away the next three with unforced errors, tieing the score at 22-22. With a quick and to the point time out, RIG was back in it and focused, only allowing one more point to squeeze through, ending the set 25-23.

Set four was similar to set one, however, Värnamo had a lot more fight in them. Long rallies ensued, usually ending with a RIG victory. Ella Sandberg made a quick reaction during one rally and for a moment turned into Zlatan Ibrahimovic, toe kicking a low to the ground ball over her head to the other side of the court. With Filippa Brink on the court recording 16 digs, it was tough for Värnamo to put a ball away. This time RIG was in complete focus on the win and was able to finish the game with 25-17. 

Top Scorers

Maja Stenman: 16 poang

Ida Larsson: 15 poang 

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