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DA: Tough opponent, EVS

EVS has historically been a tough opponent. The same was true today, however, RIG A came together as a team and showed great strides in many parts of the game.

Today, RIG A met EVS. A team historically strong on the outsides and solid in receive. Today was no different, however RIG A was able to stay with them through out the match even though the final scores differ. 

The first set saw solid receive and tough serving from RIG A. EVS had a strong outside attacker from the US, Mary-Kate Marshall, who jumped high and hit hard. There were many good plays from the RIG girls, in defense and in attack. Ewelina Granberg was a force from the service line, making it difficult for EVS setters to bring their middles into the game. Their outsides were also targeted in receive and were put on their toes as well. The girls fought hard but unfortunately were unable to attaine a lead at the end. Final score 21-25

The second set saw strong attitudes in defense and some solid blocking. It is important to point out that a good block does not always mean a kill block. Getting a good touch on the block was consistent through all sets, allowing for a "grattis" ball to our defenders and put back into play. RIG was able to stop their star outside attacker a few times. Maja Heden and Sofia Andersson were two who was able to stop her in this set. Unfortunately with some small mistakes and tough attack from EVS, RIG was unable to clinch the set. Final score 17-25.

The third set saw more good defense but a weak start. This set, RIG decided to step down the line in position 1 to take defense from EVS's star outside hitter, which worked very well. With the block coming around better and better through out the set, it was easier for the team to play defense around her attack. During this set we also saw an incredible down the line kill by Hanna Hellvig. Final score 18-25.

"Today's match was really fun. Gave me a lot of motivation and excitement for the season with the Elite team. I saw them really come together and gave EVS a run more times than not. Everyone from the bench contributed as well. Both liberos were able to work well together during the two sets they both played. It was a good effort by all and it was fun to watch them problem solve and make spectacular plays"  -Coach Whitney Turner  

MVP's of the match: Hanna Hellvig (RIG) and Mary-Kate Marshall (EVS)

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