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DA: Först tre poäng för Elit tjej sida!

RIG A spelade hårt och fokuserad. Det var svårt för Svedala eftersom de hade inte så mycket spelare på bänken.

The first set for RIG A had a very rough start. Svedala practically served them off the court. This type of beginning can put a lot of pressure on the players to get something going after being down 4 or 5 points in a row. After a stern and hopefully motivating time out from RIG coach Whitney Turner, the girls began to play in the right direction. The receive got better, which triggered the sets and finally the effectiveness of the attack. The end of set one was a nail bitter, but RIG was able to clinche the win with 26-24.

With an almost complete line up change in the second set, there was a new feeling of urgency for the win. The beginning of the set was a lot better, even though Svedala ratteled off a few points in a row from the service line. Luckily, RIG was able to make small adjustments in receive and started putting up a more stable block. It was encouraging to see setter Tyra Areskoug set the pace for the attackers and ran a quick offense, which gave the attackers more options. One of those attackers being Ulrika Blomgren, with these sets, she was able to be smart and effective in the front row. The receive being much better and our attack at the service line coming in to full play, the game ended much more to RIG's liking with 25-21. 

Set three is usually the set which determines whether or not RIG relaxes after a 2-0 lead. This, they did not do! RIG gave it their all. The girls targeted the weaker receivers as much as they could, which kept their best middle off the net, which helped RIG greatly in defense. With an early and big lead, RIG was able to dare and challenge more, but kept on track for their first Elitseries win, in three straight games. Final score, 25-10

We are back to work this week to prepare for upcoming matches and tournaments. It is an exciting time for all teams so stay tuned! 

Match MVP:

Ulrika Blomgren 

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