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3-0 against number 3 team Hylte/Halmstad!

Tonights match against Hylte/Hamlstad was met with a plan in block defense, pressure in serve and toughness in attack. RIG knew, coming in, this match was going to be a battle. H/H is historically the team to beat. They have really good players in their squad, Swedish and foreign alike. They came to RIG with some injuries on their bench but the players who played are still good. 

Set one started as expected, H/H came out on top with tough serving and good attack. While RIG struggled with own errors and nerves. However, RIG picked up their game and caught up in points after a change in players was made to stabelize the situation on court. Setter Sofia Andersson made some great decisions in sets towards the end of the set, giving Isabelle Reffel many opportunities to make points, which she took full advantage of. Hanna Hellvig also made it known she was there to play with consistency in receive and one of the sharpest and hardest attacks we have seen from her yet, landing close to the three meter line. With great effort and strong focus, the set ended 26-24. 

Set two began with a new line up and some fresh players to the game. It says something about a team, when a coach can rely on the entire bench to come in a play well. Coming off the bench is something the RIG elite girls have done well with this season. With Tyra Areskoug as setter this set, she was seamless with keeping the tempo established by Sofia in the first set. After sitting half a set, Maya Tabron was back in the game and proved to the gym she belonged on court. With some heavy spikes and consistency in serve receive, she was hard to stop. H/H struggled to gain a lead with many mistakes and poor serve receive. This forced their setter to slow the tempo of their usually fast paced game. This in turn gave us the upper hand in predicting where they were going to go next. Defense from Catarina Cooper was instrumental in this second set win. RIG ended the set 25-15

Set three saw new players on the court for H/H, as did RIG. Setter Ella Sandberg made her Elitseries debut this season and like Tyra had done in set two, kept the tempo of the game right on track. The beginning of the set began with a bit of a dip, but RIG was not fazed. They knew H/H was not going to give this win to them for free, both teams were fighting hard. RIG middles struggled to meet the outsides for a stable block in this set which, in turn affected the defense. H/H was able to rattle off a few points because of it. However, with more serve pressure on certain players and stability returning to the block, we were soon caught up in points. With many long rallies and some unbelievable plays, RIG was able to take a lead towards the middle of the set. We saw tremendous blocking from Fanny Skogsfors who recorded 4 blocks total on the match. With mistakes in serve from both teams at the end and a struggle for the lead, RIG killed the set and match point with an ace from Evelina Granberg! Final score 25-23 

Top Point Scorers: 

Maya Tabron 14p

Fanny Skogsfors 8p

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