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DB-Kronan: Redemption after a tough loss Saturday.

After a tough loss Saturday and a 3 and a half hour long bus trip down south, the B team redeemed themselves with a 3-0 win against Kronan in Landskrona.

Sunday's match came after the sting of a tough loss against EVS C the day before. The B team was out for redemption and a chance to feel motivation, to sling shot them through the coming week of trainings. After a long trip down to Landskrona, the match began with insecurity and low energy, only to be brought up towards the middle and pulled and pushed forward for the win. 

Set one was slow to get started. Kronan looked weak in the warm up, however, the team had ball control and their setter was consistent in getting the ball to an attack. This forced the B team to put more pressure on the ball in attack and try to go for the weak player in receive. RIG had trouble reacting quickly to the ball when there were tips coming from the setter and the outsides. Kronan's main middle blocker, #15, was difficult to get a hold of in the beginning for RIG. The girls would often leave her alone on a perfect receive, or would attack direct into her block, creating momentum for Kronan. RIG struggled with this through out the set keeping the game tight. With some adjustments and good serve receive from Mia Birkedal we were able to pull off set one with a win.

Set two saw a different line up, however, the goal was still the same, to win. RIG was a lot more in control this set, with Wilma Calmfors putting the pressure on in attack recording 5 kills. She was not alone however, with both Maja Stenman and Lisa Pettersson recording 5 points each on the set. With more pressure in the serve and better discipline in the block, RIG walked away with a fairly easy win. 

Set three was more similar to the first set. Kronan was not going to give up. They fought for every ball, as did RIG. The serve receive stayed consistent through out, which helped setter Hilda Gustafsson create opportunities for the attackers. This set saw all players contributing to the win with substitutions happening through out. 

Overall, the match went well, RIG won 3-0. here are still things to improve and work on in the weeks to come. This win puts the B team in the top spot on the leader boards and they hope to stay there through out the season. 

Happy belated fathers day to all the Swedish dads out there! 

Top point scorers: 

Lisa Pettersson: 8p 

Ida Larsson: 8p

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