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DA- 4th set nail biter against GVK.

With a tough beginning in set 1, a comeback in the third was all RIG needed to really make GVK earn the win tonight.

Tonights match up against GVK was going to be a tough. GVK has three foreigners, a lefty setter, a strong outside attacker and one powerful middle blocker. 

The first set started bad in reception for RIG, with tough serves from GVK. The opponents rattled off 3 points in a row before RIG was able to get out of the rotation. With many own errors in attack, it was difficult to gain a lead for RIG. The set ended 17-25. 

Set two was much better in receive towards the middle and end of the set allowing RIG to gain some traction and momentum. Setter and Captain Tyra Areskoug had an easier time running the offense with the better reception. RIG also did well keeping their professional middle from making a lot of big points. Unfortunately it was not enough and the set ended 22-25.

Set number three was about the same in reception but better in attack for the outsides. RIG's middles Hedda Broberg and Fanny Skogsfors also got to see some action and were able to deliver well. Towards the end it seemed this might be it for RIG and the third and final set would go to GVK. However, Wilma Calmfors went back to serve 4 straight serves for the win. The pressure she put on the ball gave us a clear view of where the ball was to be set, which led us to some solid blocks and good defense. With some spectacular fighting rallies, the set ended in RIG's favor with 26-24.

The fourth set was RIG's chance to come out swinging, which they did. RIG rattled off a few points in the beginning to gain a pretty comfortable lead on GVK. However, GVK was not going to go down easy and started to put more pressure in their offense. With RIG's steady rise in receive, RIG setter Tyra had many options in attack and was able to put the ball on the hot hitters. This set RIG subdued their profesional middle even more, forcing her to tip in many situations. However, their professional outside hitter was making a lot more points. Even with the hard fought battle at the net, with all RIG attackers taking big swings, it was not enough in the end to win the set. The match ended there with 28-30. 

RIG knew if they were going to lose, then they would make GVK earn the win tonight, they did just that. However, this being said, if RIG's own unforced errors had been halved, the match maybe could have gone a different way. 

RIG will be back again tomorrow for redemption against LVC at 14.00 in Frejahallen. New day, new match, new energy and hopefully, a new win! 

Top Point Scorers:

Maya Tabron 14p

Isabelle Reffel 10p

Wilma Calmfors 9p 

Match MVP:

Wilma Calmfors 

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