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A tough Degerfors put DA to the test. With a dip in the second set, DA was able to clinch the win in 4 sets.

RIG Elite have kept a consistant place in the ladder at spot 8 out of 11 teams. The match up against Degerfors, wasn't going to change this. It is often when a team meets the last place team, they will relax, or possibly think they do not need to do much to win. There is never a time to underestimate your opponent and Degerfors was no exception. 

RIG Elite went into the match with preparation and fire. Knowing they had to stabilize the outside attackers, they were quick to work with serving tough. The first set went back and forth in points and rallies. RIG struggled with taking care of the small things, like tips off the block, reacting to roll shots and getting out of a rotation quickly. The first set proved to be closer than expected at 25-23, Degerfors never letting a point go with out a fight. 

Set two was a wash. RIG's serve receive proved difficult with both setters Ella Sandberg and Tyra Areskoug struggling to make ends meet when the inconsistent receive. The set ended quickly with 15-25 in Degerfors's favor. 

With changes in players in set 3, the match began to turn RIG's way, yet again. The blocking clicked better in regards to placement. The receive picked back up which helped the setters with options through the front row. This went particularly well with giving the ball to Hedda Broberg, who recorded 4 attacks and 5 blocks. The set was much more in RIG's control, ending 25-21.

With the same line up back in for the 4th set, RIG saw the finish line. The line up saw action from players not usually in the starting 6. Ida Larsson made her second Elite match debute and Paulina Lindberg also took a stab at the starting 6. Both played an acceptional game with high attack percentage from Paulina and strong serve and attack from Ida. The 4th set saw back and forth play, with RIG down a bit only to come back with fight to take the lead. With a spectacular save from Libero and match MVP Catarina Cooper, the momentum was on RIGs side for the win! Final score 25-19. 

It is always fun to win your first match back after the break. RIG Elite is back again in Februari with their last match of the season against Sollentuna. RIG hopes to continue the winning streak and end the season with 6 wins and 4 losses. For now its back to work! 

Top point scorers: 

Isabelle Reffel: 13p

Ulrika Blomgren: 13p 

Hedda Broberg: 9p

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