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DB: Double header weekend

With easy travel and nice weather in Skåne's cutest town, Ängelholm, the feeling on RIG B seemed confident. A dip in the middle of the set put DB on edge but was able to prevail in the end anyway.

RIG B hangs on to the third place standing today against EVS C. With players like former RIGare Betty Ohlin, U17 Junior national team middle blocker Daniella Åström and not to mention middle blocker number two, standing about 190cm tall, the match was going to be a challenge. 

Set 1 was mostly characterized by the players ability to receive well against all servers. This helped a lot in attack and was easier to choose for setter and captain Ella Sandberg. Unforced errors were at a low for RIG B, three to be exact and the serve, while timid at first, began to gain speed and a target towards the middle of the set. The game went smoothly with the momentum and power on RIG's side, final score: 25-16.

Set 2 saw changes in all positions except setter Ella Sandberg and libero Filippa Brink. RIG B's second line up maintained the steady receive, however unforced errors kept the win at a distance. EVS C gained momentum, while RIG began to waiver. On the positive side, we saw middle blocker Alicia Jobe make her first kill in the front row, slowly making her way back from knee injuries, which has kept her in the back row since the beginning of the season. Final score 23-25.

Set 3 saw changes in the line up again, however, the amount of own errors was so great, it looked solemn from the midway point. During a time out at 9-19, it was mentioned there needed to be some momentum on RIG's side to take them into the 4th set. Possibly with some better reception, more power in attack or pressure in the serve. However RIG was to get it, was up to the team. At the rate they were going, RIG would not win the set. RIG responded to this push, with avengence. Spiker Ulrika Blomgren, especially, responded with aggression and was in no mood to stop her heavy attack of each set she got. She recorded 7 kills midway to the end. Towards the end, RIG went on a 4 point serving streak, which took them from 15-21 to 19-22. This in turn forced EVS C to take a time out in order to regroup. Although momentum was now in RIG's favor, they were still too far behind to pull off a set win, but were excited to get into set 4. Final score 21-25.

Set 4 was much more how RIG B plays. However, now EVS C could still see a win in their view and pushed on evening out the beginning of the set. With middle blocker Ida Johansson running a clean, blocking game, gaining many great block touches, usually resulting in a "free ball" and our outsides able to put the pressure on at the pins, the set was ultimately RIGs. Klara Juneholm also was able to fire a couple kills through, at crucial moments in the set. Final score: 25-17.

Set 5 was locked in with the hot hitters established and RIG ready to finish what they started in set 3. With a 6 point run with 2 kills from Ulrika Blomgren, 2 serve aces from Ella Sandberg and 2 block kills from Ida Johansson (not in that order), it was clear, the set would be RIG's. To finish off the match, spiker Ida Larsson crushed the winning point from the pin. 

Next up, Falkenberg! Looking for win number 2, nu kör vi! 

Top point scorers: 

Ulrika Blomgren: 20 (19 kills, 1 serve ace)

Ida Johansson: 9 (5 kills, 3 blocks, 1 serve ace) 

Klara Juneholm: 8 (6 kills, 1 block, 1 serve ace) 

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