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Beach party continues in Göteborg with record-breaking participation numbers

After the first day of competition at the NEVZA zonal event in Göteborg’s Beach Center, also known as the world’s biggest indoor Beach Volleyball facility, the fans enjoyed a day of breath-taking matches.

With many of the matches going to three sets, single sets stretched to 38-36 and three Swedish teams making it to the semi-finals, there was much to enjoy while the Beach Center had all of its 16 courts completely booked out for its annual Halloween Cup Event.

Next to the NEVZA Beach Sweden event, Göteborg’s Beach volley Club (GBC) hosted tournaments in two other national categories with participation of as many as 112 teams, all playing under one roof and the organisers are expecting another 64 teams on Sunday due to compete in another two categories.

“Seeing an international tournament coupled with a local/regional/national event of this size is a great idea and it is just an unbelievable feeling to see so many players at one place. It is inspiring for upcoming players to see their idols / local heroes play and it is definitely in the best interest of the sport,” said Nejc Zemljak, still an active player and Secretary General of the Middle European Volleyball Zonal Association (MEVZA).

Zemljak is serving as the Technical Supervisor for the event and he continued: “I think it would also be beneficial for other places, clubs, National Federations, Zonal Associations etc. to see what GBC and Beach Center have achieved and apply that success model elsewhere too. Therefore, I am hoping we can find a way to collaborate with GBC, the Swedish Volleyball Federation and NEVZA also in the future and keep sharing knowledge, ideas and possibly even find ways to co-create.”

Only the semi-finals and the final classification matches are on schedule for the final day. Matches will start at 9:00 am, while the last final is due to follow at 4:00 pm; Göteborg is expected to fill once more not just the stands but the whole centre as well and to create a one of a kind beach party.

Photos courtesy of Sasha Motekalemi.

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Publicerad: 2017-11-05

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